About The Band

Derek Telfer formed The Persuaders in April 2000, to recreate the sound, look and feel of a sixties pop band. For that authentic sixties sound we keep the music as raw as possible just as it was back in the day. We don’t use ‘high tech’ music equipment. We do use fender and vox ac30s amplification just as many bands used in the sixties. We wear smart outfits and Derek is the proud owner of the one and only wig. The stage is adorned with backdrops depicting the era and a full size Tardis (from which the band emerge) can be provided as a stage prop if the venue is big enough. The line up is: Derek on bass/lead vocals, Steve on lead guitar/lead vocals, Phil on rhythm/lead vocals; Kenny on drums, tambourine, maracas or anything else he can get his hands on! If you hire us you’re getting a totally self contained band. All our electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested and the band is insured for public liability (certificate on request). We provide music between sets but equally can work alongside a disco if required.

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